- repository of Justice Thomas F. Crosby, Jr.'s works and life

Dadisms - many were unique to him, as far as we know.

Above all he used "See you around State Beach," which was of course a veiled insult, as "state beach" (Bolsa Chica maybe?) was known to be filthy and strewn with trash in that era.

  1. It'll make you crazy if you let it.
  2. You're okay I don't care what they say.
  3. It's good if it goes!
  4. Wimp out!
  5. Hehwo!
  6. Pha ha ha ha!
  7. It's better than a sharp stick in the eye.
  8. Too weird.
  9. It's hell to get old!
  10. Cocktails!
  11. You never write, you never call!
  12. What a wimp we're talking.
  13. They'll let anyone in here!
  14. That one.
  15. All rise!
  16. Denied!
  17. That's life in the big city.
  18. Life's rough when you're moving west.
  19. Self-sufficiency on the slopes!
  20. Don't insult the captain!
  21. Show up any old time!
  22. It lives!
  23. Tough darts!
  24. Fung U, Dung T.
  25. Mount up!
  26. La cuentita, por favor.
  27. Do you take Texaco?
  28. The CIA won't let me disclose of that information...
  29. When your heart is pure... (in reference to making a rare green light)
  30. What was your first clue?
  31. Remain calm.
  32. You can't kid a kidder.
  33. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck.
  34. Be careful out there...
  35. I love it, I just love it!
  36. Get a life!
  37. Don't swim for the rope!
  38. Stuff happens!
  39. Marginal (at best).
  40. No dice!
  41. That's news to me...
  42. Who woulda thunk it?
  43. Very funny, Brett.
  44. What a rack artist.
  45. Look alive (out there)!
  46. Now hear this!
  47. Fung it!
  48. Eat shit and die!!!!
  49. Don't panic!
  50. Golfballs!
  51. Form up!
  52. Overruled!
  53. Hit the rack!
  54. You're fired.
  55. I'll squash you like a boog!
  56. Wherever you go, there you are. (also see "Here we are in...")
  57. Little help!
  58. He won't drink much. (In reference to a bug in your drink.)
  59. Take a hike!
  60. That's another dead soldier.
  61. What a guy!
  62. One time, one time only.
  63. Drive slow, steer fast!
  64. You don't give a shit about your poor old Dad / You don't love your Dad.
  65. Every blind hog finds an acorn once in a while.
  66. Let's put a little light on the subject. (While turning on a lamp of course.)
  67. Don't ever say I never did anything for you.
  68. Get out of my life!
  69. We don't want any!
  70. Who knew?
  71. It's not getting any greener! (in reference to a traffic light)
  72. You love fish, you're a Norwegian.
  73. Great minds think alike.
  74. Trust me in these matters.
  75. Small check!
  76. Search me!
  77. I'll catch your act later.
  78. Look alive out there.
  79. It'd be a mistake to... (do the obvious correct thing)
  80. You got me! (Standard response to almost any question)
  81. It wasn't my turn to watch him/her
  82. Oh.
  83. No sweat.
  84. All hands on deck!
  85. We'll see.
  86. I'll beat you like a drum!
  87. Many hands make light work!
  88. Not a lot of guys would play it like that (often in reference to a poor golf shot, but just as often a commentary on a questionable life decision or move.)